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CGnkoKkm0nwBAPn8x62kAHicH4FWDqT-eIg9CnJqddKCzHlgosY8cA==In my life I have seen a lot of things.. been a lot of places.... met a lot of people... made a lot of friends. I have made a lot of choices, some bad... some good... some very good. I have some regrets.. and some very proud moments.

I have not collected a lot of worldly possessions and toys, but I am still rich.... Rich with family, with pride, with self esteem, and integrity. These I will take with me when I die... the rest you can have after I am gone.

What I have learned though is that no matter what your life has been like.. or will be like.... you must learn one thing from it if you learn nothing else....live for today, for yesterday is gone, tomorrow will never come.. today is all we have.

Someone wise once said..."Life may not be the party that we have hoped for...

but while we are here we may as well dance".

I wrote this about 8 years ago.  It was true then and more true now... However, since then I have had a few more experiences and new insights to ad to my life history.   This being my teaching experiences in Thailand.  I first came to Thailand,  (I said came as I am still here), in 2008 to basically get away from some personal stress due to a divorce, etc.  It was an escape and I initially only planned to be here for about a month while I attended a "TEFL" course in Phuket.  I finished the course and was offered a job in Phuket teaching right away.  now.. 9 years later, I have taught in Thailand for about 5 years all together.  I have gone back home a few times for personal reasons, medical problems, family problems.. and .. well you get the idea.  

So I have been teaching in Thailand for about 5 years.. I have taught in nearly all parts of Thailand.. north, south east and west... (never in BangKok tho.. lol....not a fan)  but I digress.  I have traveled from one end of Thailand to the other.. literally.   I have been to most of the neighboring countries.  And most of all, I have made a lot of friends here.  Lifetime friends that are now part of my life.  I have been able to follow the same students through 3 years of teaching them and was able to see them graduate from Primary school and move on into High-school.  This has been and still is so very exciting and gratifying to me.  I am so grateful to have been a part of their education.  I will remember these students the rest of my life.. and I like to think that they will remember me too.

If you are serious about teaching in Thailand or anywhere then please take the necessary precautions and be aware of the culture, and the pitfalls that are certainly here.... Thailand can be the best experience of your life and it can be the worst.  Just be safe and aware.  

I love teaching in Thailand, No Regrets!!!   Contact me here....


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