Why Thailand Is So Popular

For many ESL teachers in Thailand, the hardest part about the journey is saying goodbye. With it’s varied landscapes, friendly locals and inviting culture, it’s no surprise many come to Thailand for months and find themselves still here, years later. Why Thailand is so popular can be explained in many ways, but for me teaching was my reason for staying.

Teaching English has become one of the reasons that Thailand is so popular.  It makes living abroad a reality. Thailand’s top industry is tourism, and with that comes an urgent need to speak English, the global language. Teachers are numerous in every corner of this exoticl nation, but there is also a never ending need for more.  I taught for nearly 4 years in Thailand and only just recently returned to the USA.  My initial plan was to teach for a semester and then go home… four years later I found that I had missed my plane and needed to go home and see my family.

However, in October of 2016 I received 2 calls from my last school requesting that I return to teach for another year.  The temptation was too great and here I am, teaching again in the Kingdom of smiles.  I love Thailand and plan to be here for a couple more years.

Sooo… if you don’t want to absolutely fall in love with Thailand and have the best experience of your life…. don’t go to Thailand.

Because you WILL fall in love with the people and the culture and the food… your choice…







Trip to the White Temple in Chiang Rai
Students in Traditional costumes
Students in Traditional costumes
Som Tum(papaya-salad)
Phad Thai(fried noodles and veggies)
School meditation.
morning assembly
Field trip on the bus


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