Your Journey Begins

Teach in Thailand, and get to know locals who will show you what the country behind the tourist traps really is. Travel to work on a speeding tuk-tuk auto rickshaw or on your own motorcycle, explore dazzling downtown cities, explore countless ancient temples, eat some of the best food (albeit some of the most spicy in the world) and become part of a Thai school community.  A teaching in Thailand program offers the opportunity to make a difference while teaching English at primary or secondary schools in urban, town, or rural locations.
You’ll fulfill an important role as a highly respected English teacher within the Thai educational system. Whether your future plans include continued travel, service work, continuing your education, or joining the work force, bolstering your communication skills in Thailand is sure to boost your credentials and prospects.
Teach abroad in Thailand and you can:
Learn Thai customs, share your own way of life, and embark on new adventures with new friends.
Explore the thick jungles, mountain vistas and exuberant city life that make Thailand the most-visited country in Southeast Asia.
In the north, Chiang Mai with it’s ancient walled city surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, or the Golden Triangle, a hilly landscape divided by the Ruak and Mekong rivers that forms a natural boundary between Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.
You can have it all while you are teaching and making a huge difference in the lives of your students.
If you are thinking of getting out and doing something exciting and adventurous while helping to improve the lives of countless children, what are you waiting for???.. Check out the opportunities, jump on board and learn a new and exciting culture..

Just Do It!!!

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